Communication by the Minority Ombudsman on the International Roma Day

On April 8, we celebrate the values of Roma culture worldwide. However, this year – just as last year, at the time of the outbreak of the pandemic –, in addition to emphasizing the key importance of Roma culture, it is worth taking this opportunity to highlight the need for social solidarity. In particular, all of us should face the fact that in these difficult times it is particularly important to pay attention to each other and to provide effective practical support to vulnerable social groups, including Roma communities.
2021. April. 09.

General Comment No. 4/2020 of the Minority Ombudsman on the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on nationality communities

The primary goal of the General Comment is to present how the coronavirus state of emergency declared by the Government of Hungary has affected the operation of nationality self-governments and public educational institutions performing nationality education tasks.
2021. April. 08.

Enforcement of minority rights in times of a pandemic

On 8 April, the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of the University of Pécs organised an international conference entitled "The Pandemic and the Law", which explored the legal effects of the pandemic in different areas of law, with the help of international legal perspectives.
2021. April. 08.

Mikó evening with the Minority Ombudsman

The law students of Mikó Imre College for Advanced Studies in Cluj hosted a professional evening with Elisabeth Sándor-Szalay, Minority Ombudsman and the head of her secretariat, Tamás Török.
2021. March. 27.

FUEN conference "Minority Protection and the Rights of Ethnic Groups in Central and Central-Eastern Europe"

The Minority Ombudsman gave a presentation at the FUEN - Federal Union of European Nationalities conference on "Minority Protection and the Rights of Ethnic Groups in Central and Central-Eastern Europe".
2021. March. 25.

Professional consultation between the Deputy People's Advocate in Romania and the Minority Ombudsman of Hungary

One of the cornerstones of the work of the Minority Ombudsman is the exchange of experiences and the exploration and implementation of opportunities for joint work with partner organisations. In this spirit, Zsolt Molnár, Deputy People's Advocate (Avocatul Poporului) for Human Rights, Equal Opportunities, Religious Affairs and National Minorities and the Minority Ombudsman met in the online space on the afternoon of 10 March.
2021. March. 13.