Staff Staff

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Sándor-Szalay, Ombudsman for the Rights of Minorities in Hungary

As the person responsible for the professional work related to minority rights, the deputy-commissioner is supported by her secretariat and the staff of the Unit for National Minority Rights that belongs to another organisational unit of the Ombudsman's Office. Our community of 11 colleagues consists of 9 lawyers, 1 social worker and 1 driver.


The Secretariat of the Minority Ombudsman is in charge of providing professional, adminstrative and coordination support for the Minority Ombudsman as well as to guarantee continuous operation. In 2018 the staff of the Secretariat counts 7 members, two of them work in part time:

  • TamásTörök  dr., Head of the Secretariat
  • GyörgyBenedek dr., senior legal official
  • Klára Iványi , senior nationality official
  • Balázs Kiss dr., senior legal official
  • Fanni Makkai, senior nationality official
  • Ágoston Mohay  dr., senior legal official
  • István Rózsás, driver

Former staff members of the Secretariat were:

  • Zsuzsanna Rutai  dr., senior legal official 
  • EdinaTordai  dr., senior legal official


The Unit for National Minority Rights as a part of the Department for General Inquiries and National Minority Rights is in charge of preparing professional documents related to the complaints and the investigations and it is actively involved in the information gathering and disseminating work of the Minority Ombudsman. Staff members are:

  • Gabriella Varjú dr., deputy head of department
  • Eszter Horváth dr., senior legal official
  • Noémi Kutassy-Nagy dr., senior legal official
  • Beáta Sipos dr., senior legal official
  • Barbara Szokács-Szabó dr., senior legal official