null Enforcement of minority rights in times of a pandemic


On 8 April, the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of the University of Pécs organised an international conference entitled "The Pandemic and the Law", which explored the legal effects of the pandemic in different areas of law, with the help of international legal perspectives.

The Minority Ombudsman gave a presentation on "Enforcement of minority rights in times of a pandemic - Hungary 2020". In this context, she presented her General Comment No. 4/2020 on "The Impact of the Pandemic on Nationality Communities", as well as the specific shortcomings, experienced in the exercise of individual and community rights and other factors that threaten fundamental nationality rights. In view of the fact that the pandemic has increased the incidence and severity of hate speech and hate crimes, by exacerbating negative social trends, in particular existential fears and frustrations, the Minority Ombudsman also spoke in detail about the possibilities for action to combat these phenomena, by presenting her General Comments No. 5/2020 and 6/2020 on the subject. 

The event was organised and co-hosted by Ágoston Mohay, staff-member of the Minority Ombudsman's Secretariat and Deputy Dean for International Affairs at the PTE ÁJK.