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The mandate of the Hungarian Ombudsman for Future Generations is established under the constitutional principle that natural resources, including the reserves of water, form the common heritage of mankind, and thus we are to protect them not only for present but also for future generations. Our efforts to protect water resources have joint WaterLex's in Hungary, in 2013, at a conference organized by the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, dedicated to the exploration of the notion of the right to water and its protection. 
WaterLex works for a more just water allocation system through the promotion of a coherent and intersectoral water governance framework, and the redefinition of legal means that are able to secure the common good over individual interest. Our close cooperation and friendship grew from this encounter to the realization that intra-, and intergenerational justice go hand in hand in case of any policies concerning water, and its sustainable use. From that point on we have been successfully and intensively working together in the UN on the post 2015 SDGs as well as among other NHRIs worldwide to promote a human rights based approach to water that ensures equal access to water resources for everyone irrespective of their financial situation, or when they will live in the future.