null New public space for nationality self-governments and nationality culture in Pécs

On 16 June the Minority Ombudsman attended the official opening of the Office of the Nationality Self-governments and Civil Organizations of Pécs. Within the multifunctional sphere located at the former register office, several offices, an exhibition area and a conference room were established. The new place aims to provide an appropriate environment for the nationality self-governments and civil organizations in Pécs.

Following the welcoming speeches of Attila Péterffy, the Mayer of Pécs, István Auth, representative, nationality councillor, and Dr. Mária Kunszt, representative, civil relations councillor, Alex Avanesian, head of the Armenian Cultural Center, opened the exhibition „13 capitals of Armenia”.

At the end of the ceremony Elisabeth Sándor-Szalay had a professional consultation with the mayor of Pécs regarding the support of nationality communities, the plans of the self-government concerning the provision of equal treatment, and the possibility of strategical cooperations.

From the beginning of her mandate, the Minority Ombudsman has paid special attention to the efforts of cities with rich and alive nationality traditions that they make for the protection of the local communities and for the development of nationality culture. She adopts these as good practices and promotes them within her work.