null General Comment No. 6/2020. of the Minority Ombudsman on the measures related to damaging the Roma Holocaust Memorial in Budapest and the need for stepping up against incidents motivated by hatred

A dignified remembrance of the Roma victims of the Holocaust is important not only for the members of the Roma community, but also plays an important role in learning about and processing our common history and past. The basic requirement for passing on knowledge to future generations is to convey historical facts in a credible and appropriate context, in which the analysis of the period that preceded Roma Holocaust as well as its moral, social and political consequences is essential. In reviewing these processes, the Minority Ombudsman has constantly addressed and is addressing the anomalies in society experienced in social coexistence, including hate speech, its effects and consequences, and the need to step up against it.

The general comment draws attention to the fact that acts of hate and hate speech, which are commonplace, pose extraordinary threats to social peace, even if they do not reach the level of criminal offences, and that it is in our common social interest to prevent and combat them. The need to deal with acts motivated by hatred stems not only from the need to protect victims and victimized group, but also from reaffirming that human rights and the law are indeed equally applicable to every citizen. In doing so, we also ensure that democratic values are put into practice in modern societies. Consistent action against exclusion and discrimination is an essential condition for social and public peace.

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