null Message of the Minority Ombudsman on the aggression against Ukraine and its consequences

Message of the Minority Ombudsman

on the aggression against Ukraine and its consequences

I would like to express my sympathy and support to the entire Ukrainian nationality community living in Hungary for the aggression against Ukraine and its consequences. I am convinced that only the preservation of our humanity, unconditional respect for human rights and cooperation without national and ethnic stigmatisation of our neighbours will enable us to overcome all difficulties!

Shocking events are currently unfolding in neighbouring Ukraine, where the usual daily routine has been replaced by gunfire, fear and uncertainty. The questioning of the most fundamental principles of the international legal order, which has been in place for decades, is plunging masses of people into a state of uncertainty: first and foremost the people of Ukraine, who are victims of an armed conflict, but also the people of Russia, and even third country resident relatives, friends and economic partners of the citizens of both countries. The displaced persons, regardless of their nationality or citizenship, are put in a vulnerable situation: their short- and medium-term personal circumstances depend to a large extent on the willingness of the central and local authorities of the neighbouring countries to receive them, and on the willingness of NGOs, churches and local populations to help. Particular problems are be faced by those people who have otherwise been in a disadvantaged situation, have language barriers or difficulties in enforcing their interests, there are families torn apart, lacking knowledge of the place where they arrive, have no relatives or acquaintances and do not have sufficient financial resources to survive in the host country, even in the short term.

After the first shocking moments, as Minority Ombudsman, together with my colleagues, I have been continuously and closely following the situation of the Ukrainians and persons of other nationalities fleeing from Ukraine as well as the activities of the state institutions responsible for their care and for respecting their fundamental human rights. As a Deputy Commissioner for the Rights of National Minorities and as a person committed to the established order of international law, I also welcome the possibility of granting the so-called “beneficiary of temporary protection” status, introduced by the Government Decree 56/2022 (II.24.). I trust that the information on the rights and obligations that this status entails will reach all those concerned in need, regardless of their national or ethnic origin, in due time and in all the necessary language versions.

I hope that peace and security will return to homes as soon as possible.

Budapest, 28 February, 2022.

                                                          Prof. Elisabeth Sándor-Szalay

                                                                                           Minority Ombudsman