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It is the priority task of the deputy commissioner for the protection of the rights of nationalities living in Hungary to monitor the practical implementation of individual and community nationality rights and the principle of equal treatment, as well as to regularly inform the commissioner for fundamental rights, the institutions concerned and the general public about her experiences and findings.


In her quarterly newsletter, Elisabeth Sándor-Szalay provides an overview of the nature and trends of the petitions received, the professional documents issued and the main domestic and international professional events.


The topics of the 2021/3 newsletter: 

  • case - load tendencies

  • General Comment No. 5/2021 on the situation of Roma children in Gyöngyöspata

  • professional forums and personal meetings 

  • international conferences

  • priority investigations, domestic events, case law mosaic


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We wish you success and good health in your work:

Secretariat of the Minority Ombudsman