null Roundtable discussion on the protection of the constitutional values of minority rights

The Minority Ombudsman participated in the international conference "Nation, Community, Minority, Identity: the role of national constitutional courts in protecting the constitutional values of minority rights", held on 18 June in the online space. The aim of the event was to provide a complex analysis of the constitutional situation of persons belonging to national minorities and communities, and to analyse trends in national and international policy and legal developments.

The Minority Ombudsman, as a participant in the panel Participatory Rights - Balancing Equality of Rights and Minority Rights, shared her thoughts mainly on the rights of representation and petition of national minority communities in Hungary, as well as on the relevant practice of the Council of Europe. Balázs Vizi (NKE), Norbert Tóth (NKE), János Fiala-Butora (MTA) and László András Pap (NKE) participated in the roundtable discussion, moderated by Anikó Szalai.