null Day of German Minority Governments in Hungary


A splendid gala hosted by the award ceremony was held on 13th January at the Kodály Center in Pécs. On the second Saturday of January the Hungarian-German community celebrated the 22nd anniversary of the foundation of the very first German nationality self-government in 1994. Classy soloists and award-winning ensembles of the Hungarian Germans literally brought the gala program to the fore: the numerous applause, especially from the folk song, was won over by applause -, folk music and folk dances of the Hungarian German producing productions - quite similar to the gala programs of the previous years.

"The beginning of this will be a special year, because we will vote and want to come to Parliament with a parliamentary mandate. And this gala with its program and with our award-winners shows clearly and exemplarily, why we want that ", emphasized in his greeting Otto Heinek, the chairman of the National Minority Government of the Hungarian Germans:" So that we have more opportunities for participation in the education of the young generations. So that our clubs are better promoted and can do even more for the care of our cultural heritage. Promoting young generations, cultivating our cultural heritage, shaping a modern school system, commitment to European values ​​and good relations with neighbors and between Germany and Hungary - that's what we work for and what we want to do for Parliament. "

Patron and speaker was the ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Hungary. The past, present and future of Germany and Hungary are linked, and the Germans of Hungary played a key role - Volkmar Wenzel began his speech. He emphasized that therefore today it is a pleasing normality that Germany has been Hungary's most important economic partner for years, that there are many twinnings and countless close links in science and culture, and that so many Germans could speak in Hungary. It is good news that Hungary respects the Germans of Hungary, because minorities deserve special protection because this diversity is a value: "The German minority in Hungary today is a particularly good example of the fact that the awareness of one 's own traditions is outstanding with its commitment to Present and an optimistic view of the future. In fact, we see this future in Europe as a way of overcoming the borders that have been fought for centuries and of building bridges between Hungary, Germans and beyond. Who could work better than the Germans from Hungary? "Although the new government in Berlin was not yet formed, there was still great consistency in the basic principles of German foreign policy, and thus also in the promotion of German minorities - assured the ambassador.

During the gala the highest honor of the Germans of Hungary, the "Golden Badge of Honor for the Gwermans in Hungary" was handed over to three personalities.