null 2020 International Roma Day

The Minority Ombudsman was the main patron of the central celebration of the 2020 International Roma Day

Every year, on April 8, we celebrate International Roma Day, which draws our attention to the most important stage in the strengthening of universal Roma culture and identity, the 1971 First World Romani Congress, and the prominent role of Roma culture. This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we had to wait five months to have an opportunity to celebrate together with a program that again offered unforgettable quality entertainment.

The event, organized by the National Roma Self-Government and held at its headquarters, was opened by President János Agócs, who spoke about the proud but in many cases difficult taking of Roma identity and talent, the importance of a family- and people-centered approach to life and the community's cohesiveness.


In her opening speech, Elisabeth Sándor-Szalay Minority Ombudsman and the patron of the event called the International Roma Day a celebration of hope and dialogue, emphasizing the value-creating role of culture across borders, generations and social groups. She drew attention to the fact that "We should look for and support the Roma people, personalities who, by assuming their origin, can give hope, lead the way and even serve as role models for those who do not see the possibility of breaking out of their disadvantaged situation of today, the promise of a better future."

You can read the full speech by clicking here.

The audience enjoyed the works of prominent representatives of contemporary Roma music and dance in a nearly three-hour series of performances: Zsolt Szomora and his orchestra, the Romano Glaszo - Human Voice Art Group, the EtnoRom Orchestra and the Váradi Olasz.