null "Today's Work - Tomorrow's Success" Conference

The Minority Ombudsman also participated and gave a closing speech at the professional conference "Today's Work - Tomorrow's Success" organised by the National Roma Cultural and Media Centre on 6 July. The aim of the event was to analyse the situation of Roma communities in education, training and employment and to outline the way forward, with the active involvement of representatives of the National Roma Self-Government in the complex planning process.

The morning speeches were delivered by Dr. Erika Csilleiné Mága, Head of the National Roma Cultural and Media Centre, and János Agócs, President of the National Roma Self-Government. Experts who play a key role in the field, such as Attila Sztojka, Director General of the Directorate General for Social Opportunities, Dávid Kiss, Programme Manager of the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service, László Farkas, Deputy Chairman of the National Roma Self-Government and Mayor of Tiszabura, and György Lakatos, Head of the Romano Glaszo - Human Voice Art Group and the Budaörs school for children with special needs, presented their own organisations' activities in professional presentations. 

In her closing remarks, the Minority Ombudsman summarised the presentations and drew attention to the importance of supporting steps towards learning and career choices, strengthening the perseverance of students already on the path and the importance of creating a supportive environment, including mental, spiritual and infrastructural tools, and developing IT and language skills, which are new opportunities of the 21st century. At the same time, she stressed that creating opportunities and jobs is not a one-way street: creating a non-discriminatory environment based on skills and human relations is the responsibility of all teachers, mentors, employers and staff.