Henry Wheaton Prize Awarded to Our Colleague, Katalin Sulyok

Katalin Sulyok has been honoured with the prestigious Henry Wheaton Prize of the Institute of International Law (Institut de Droit International), which is awarded by an international jury to the most outstanding PhD dissertation written on international environmental law in English, German, French, Italian or Spanish.
2019. szeptember. 19.

Visit of Student Delegation from Kiev University of Law

On 17 September 2019, a delegation from Ukraine paid a visit to our Office as part of the cooperation between the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information and the Kiev University of Law.
2019. szeptember. 17.

Meeting of the Ombudsmen of the Visegrád (V4) Countries

The Ombudsmen of the V4 (Visegrád) countries have met on an annual basis since 2004, in order to share the experience of the previous year, to discuss their achievements and the challenges posed by their activities, as well as their work conditions. The topics of the meetings are defined by the commissioner acting as the host of the annual event, thus the special features of his or her own practices are reflected in this choice. The Slovakian commissioner recommended the topics of educational segregation, child protection systems, homelessness and the right to housing, as well as damage caused in administrative authority as the agenda points of this year’s meeting.
2019. június. 12.