null Ombudsman Paid a Visit to Fire Brigades and Disaster Management Offices in Körmend and Szombathely

On 25 September 2020, Ombudsman Dr. Ákos Kozma paid an official visit to the Vas County Directorate for Disaster Management, as well as to two offices and professional fire brigades of the directorate in Körmend and Szombathely. 

In Körmend, the Ombudsman was received by Colonel Fire Service dr. Balázs Bognár, Director of the Vas County Directorate for Disaster Management, Colonel Fire Service Péter Kemenes, Crew Manager, Colonel Fire Service Lajos Király, Head of the Körmend Office for Disaster Management, and Lieutenant-Colonel Fire Service Balázs Kovács, Fire Chief of the Körmend Fire Brigade. In Szombathely, Dr. Kozma was welcomed by the Head of the Szombathely Office for Disaster Management and Lieutenant-Colonel Fire Service Szabolcs Göncz, Fire Chief of the Szombathely Fire Brigade, in addition to the officials of the Vas County Directorate. 

During the visit, the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights was briefed about the main duties of the Vas County Directorate for Disaster Management, and the operation of the three offices for disaster management and professional fire brigades directly subordinated to the Vas County Directorate. The Ombudsman inquired about the health-related measures introduced in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, and their practical implementation. Following these exchanges, Dr. Ákos Kozma greeted the officers on duty and viewed the vehicles and the technical equipment in both locations.