null Message of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights on the Occasion of the Day of the Police

Ordered in the wake of the corona virus pandemic and in an effort to curb its spread, the state of danger demands extraordinary efforts from all of us, as do compliance with and the enforcement of the lockdown measures and the rules for crossing national borders, all imposed for our benefit. It is essential that in these times of trial, we also dedicate a thought to those professionals who work for our security day after day. We hereby express our gratitude to the officials of the Hungarian Police and to all Hungarian policemen, who have doubled their efforts and endurance in their job in the present circumstances, and who continue to work with the same professional commitment as always, Ombudsman Dr. Ákos Kozma underlined on the occasion of the Day of the Police.

Today is the 24th of April, or St. George’s day, which has been the Day of the Police in Hungary since 1992.

A policeman’s profession comes with a great deal of responsibility. On each day of the year, in the whole territory of Hungary as well as along its borders, policemen and the employees of the Hungarian Police spare neither time, nor energy as they work for our safety to ensure that our children and parents as well as our own generation could live safely in this country.

On this special occasion, Dr. Ákos Kozma, Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, expresses his esteem and gratitude to all the members of the Police for their professional commitment and perseverance all year round but especially in these unusual times, and for their extraordinary efforts and high-level work that they are doing in the current state of danger, brought about by the corona virus pandemic, to watch over public security in Hungary.