null Dr Ákos Kozma Meets with Lithuanian Ombudsman

On 3 September 2021, in Novi Sad, Serbia, Commissioner for Fundamental Rights Dr Ákos Kozma conducted bilateral meetings with the heads of several partner ombudsman institutions, including the head of the Lithuanian ombudsman institution Prof. Dr Augustinas Normantas and his Secretary General. 

At the bilateral meeting held with the Lithuanian Ombudsman, the general operation of the ombudsman institutions, as well as the best practices related to the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic were discussed. The parties expressed their intention to strengthen the friendly relations between the two countries through professional cooperation.

The Lithuanian Ombudsman mentioned that their institution, just like the Hungarian one, is twenty-five years old, and he added that in Lithuania, the rights protection work is shared between several commissioners. Prof. Dr Augustinas Normantas also spoke about his Office’s cooperation with several international ombudsman organisations.

The two ombudsmen agreed to contact each other and continue the exchange of experience in the form of work visits in the future.