null Commissioner for Fundamental Rights Requests Extension of Eviction Moratorium for the Period of Pandemic

The Commissioner for Fundamental Rights proposes that a law should be adopted for ensuring that the eviction moratorium suspending the foreclosure of real estate properties remain in effect during the period of the pandemic. 

In a pandemic situation, several private individuals and families get into especially difficult situations, which may jeopardize the security of their jobs, livelihood and even their housing. The moderation of the adverse economic effects of the pandemic requires rapid and decisive social measures that affect a wide spectrum of society. 

In this respect, special attention should be paid to those families, including those with children, which would lose their housing in the upcoming weeks as a result of foreclosure processes in progress, in lack of an appropriate legislative measure. 

Pursuant to the general rules of foreclosure, the winter moratorium on evictions lasts until 30 April 2021, the effect of which was extended by the legislator until 4 May 2021, as a result of the strict protection ordered due to the pandemic. 

The maintenance of the eviction moratorium in the period of the pandemic does not only serve the protection of the debtors and their immediate neighbourhood but it is also in the best interests of society as a whole. 

With regard to the above, the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights sent his proposal regarding the suspension of foreclosure procedures related to real estate properties in the period of the pandemic to the Minister of Interior and the Minister of Justice.