null Commissioner for Fundamental Rights and his Deputy, Ombudsman for Future Generations Plant Memorial Tree in Zselic Forest

On 7 June 2021, Commissioner for Fundamental Rights Dr. Ákos Kozma and Deputy Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, Ombudsman for Future Generations Dr. Gyula Bándi visited the Observatory of the Zselic Park of Stars, where they participated in a professional guided tour. Following that, they inspected several sites of the Zselic Forest managed by SEFAG Ltd., thanks to which they got a comprehensive overview of forest management in the region. 

Following the inspection of the public welfare and tourist sites of the Ropoly Forest Reserve (a native forest), which serves as a good example of sustainable forest rehabilitation, and after visiting the Memorial Forest, which had been planted on the occasion of the organisation of the World Hunting and Nature Exhibition in Hungary this year, the Commissioner and his Deputy planted a native memorial fruit tree themselves.

Following these outdoor programmes, the Ombudsman and his Deputy initiated a professional discussion with the leadership of SEFAG Ltd., which focused on the issues of forest and game management, including the presentation of the related challenges and opportunities.