null Activities of the child protection expert at the Ombudsman’s Office honored

The achievements of Senior Legal Advisor Dr. Zsuzsanna Győrffy in the area of child protection were honored by the Ministry of Human Capacities by a memorial certificate and a plaque. The slogan of the document awarded on the twentieth anniversary of the enactment of the Child Protection Act, on occasion of the Social Work Day, is “A Chance for a Lifetime”, which expresses the importance of the activities of  the experts working in the field of child protection, in safeguarding and respecting children’s rights.

At the ceremony, Minister Zoltán Balog expressed his gratitude, on behalf of the Government, to the “humane persons” working in the social sphere. As he said, they are the ones who wish to give a chance and an opportunity to everyone, including the most vulnerable persons, to live their lives to the full. Minister of State for Social Affairs and Integration Károly Czibere mentioned that on the Day of Social Work, we celebrate those who amplify the voice of the needy, who make their lives visible: a society needs every single citizen, this is why solidarity is so important.