null Visit to Bükk National Park

On 20 April 2022, Commissioner for Fundamental Rights Dr. Ákos Kozma and Deputy Commissioner for Future Generations Dr. Gyula Bándi visited the Bükk National Park, which celebrates the 45th anniversary of its foundation.

The Ombudsman and his Deputy were received by Director Mrs. Kálmán Rónai and General Deputy Director Mr. György Dudás. After the presentation of the activities of the national park, the Commissioner and his Deputy planted some endemic, landrace fruit trees in the courtyard of the Bábakalács Forest School.

Dr. Ákos Kozma and Dr. Gyula Bándi also visited the mountain peak called Tar-kő and the Virgin Forest (Őserdő), where they were informed about the issues of sustainable forest management and nature protection, about the destruction of pine trees, the role of big predators in communities and the ecological role of the recently resettled wolves. In the village of Répáshuta, they held a meeting with the local mayor about the professional experience gained from the unique location of the settlement, whose whole area is situated on the territory of the national park, as well as the responses of the population. Then, the Ombudsman and his Deputy visited the Bükk Astronomical Observatory and the Anna Cave in Lillafüred. The professional day was closed in Kács, by visiting the habitat of the black nerite, which is the most precious water snail in the Carpathian Basin.