null Dr. Ákos Kozma Delivers Speech at ÉFOÉSZ Anniversary Event

The Hungarian Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability (ÉFOÉSZ) celebrated its 40th anniversary on 21 March 2022 at the Museum of Fine Arts. At the anniversary event, Commissioner for Fundamental Rights Dr. Ákos Kozma also greeted the participants.

At the ceremony, the Viktor Göllesz Grant was awarded, which aims to recognise and further develop the outstanding abilities of young people living with intellectual disabilities in Hungary, as well as to support and strengthen their community activities and integration into society.

The application to the Grant is open to those young people living with intellectual disabilities aged between 14 and 35 who have achieved outstanding performance in the field of work or learning, or in a sports discipline or a branch of art, and have contributed to the development of the group of people living with disabilities and to the strengthening of their positive social image.