null Dr Ákos Kozma Attends First Hungarian Legal Book Salon

On 18 September 2021, the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights took part in a legal book festival – an event organised by the Hungarian Lawyers Association and the Constitutional Court.

In the revamped Károlyi–Csekonics Mansion, eighteen Hungarian legal publishers presented their  latest publications, while the public could enjoy a variety of professional programmes.

At the first Hungarian Legal Book Salon, speeches were delivered by President of the Hungarian Republic János Áder, President of the Constitutional Court Tamás Sulyok, and Chairman of the Hungarian Lawyers Association László Trócsányi. 

At the event, some joint awards established by the Hungarian Lawyers Association and the Constitutional Court were also presented. The Grand Prizes of the Book Salon were awarded to the author and publisher of the best theoretical and practical book on legal science in 2020, respectively, along with the authors of the most outstanding PhD dissertation defended in 2020. There were two first-prize winners in the latter category, who received funding for the publication of their work.