null Commissioner for Fundamental Rights Gives Talk at the 11th Media Conference of Save the Children International

Dr Ákos Kozma gave a talk entitled “A Necessary Evil? – Challenges Posed by Online Education from a Children’s Rights Perspective” at the 11th Media Conference held in the auditorium of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on 27 September 2021. 

This year’s Media Conference of Save the Children International, which is already the 11th event of this kind, was opened by the President of the organisation Dr Péter Edvi, and as many as thirty-one experts held presentations at the two-day event.

In his talk, the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights presented the experience, findings and proposals related to the ombudsman’s inquiries into the situation of online education in the period of the pandemic, and its legal and social environment in the broader sense of the word.

Save the Children International launched its series of media conferences and research in 1997, entitled “The Impact of the Media on Children and Youngsters “, which examines the media use of children and its changes.