null Ombudsman Visits Nursing Home for the Elderly and Disabled in Bélapátfalva

On 28 September 2021, Dr. Ákos Kozma paid a visit to the Nursing Home for the Elderly and for Persons with Disabilities operated by the General Directorate of Social Affairs and Child Protection. The Commissioner for Fundamental Rights was received by Ms. Erzsébet Tóth, Head of Institution. 

The Ombudsman inquired about the operation of the Home, the living conditions of the residents, and the working conditions of the specialised staff looking after them.

The institution is currently taking care of 180 elderly persons – of the three care units, one accommodates nearly forty persons living with dementia –, and they also look after 156 persons with mild or moderate mental disabilities, or multiple disabilities in the framework of Supported Living. In addition to the above, 25 persons with disabilities are looked after in the Care Home for Disabled Persons. This institution was the first one to embark on the process of deinstitutionalisation, and as such, it can back up the Hungarian deinstitutionalisation programme with nearly five years of experience.