null Ombudsman and Deputies Deliver This Year’s Justitia Regnorum Fundamentum Awards

The Commissioner for Fundamental Rights and his deputies presented the Justitia Regnorum
Fundamentum Awards at a ceremony held on 9 December 2022.

At the ceremony held at the Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, the Justitia
Regnorum Fundamentum Award was granted by Commissioner Dr. Ákos Kozma to General Director
of the Saint Ágota Child Protection Service of the Szeged-Csanád Diocese Mr. János Kothencz.

Deputy Commissioner for the Rights of National Minorities Dr. Elisabeth Sándor-Szalay presented the
award to the National Council of Hungarian Ethnic Minorities, while Deputy Commissioner for Future
Generations Dr. Gyula Bándi granted the award to the Secretary General of the National Council for
Sustainable Development Dr. Gábor Bartus. Also, the work of National Commander of the Hungarian
Prison Service, Prison Lieutenant General Dr. Tamás Tóth, State Secretary for Forests Mr. Péter
Zambó and CEO of the Szombathely Forestry Zrt József Bugán was acknowledged by the

This award, founded by the Ombudsmen in 2007, is granted for outstanding accomplishment,
professional activities or career to those who have achieved or contributed to the achievement of
extraordinary, exemplary results in the field of protecting fundamental human and civil rights, in
particular the rights of the child and other vulnerable groups, the rights of national minorities and
the environment.

At the end of the ceremony, the Christmas gifts of the Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental
Rights, the Hungarian Prison Service Headquarters, as well as Szombathely Forestry Zrt were
delivered to the Rum Special Children’s Home of the Vas County Child Protection Centre and Primary
School, as well as the Saint Ágota Children’s Homes.