null Ombudsman visits Bakonyerdő Zrt.

On 30 November 2022, Dr. Ákos Kozma, the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights of Hungary visited Bakonyerdő Zrt., where he was accompanied by Péter Zambó, State Secretary for Forests. The Commissioner was informed about the operation of the State Forestry Enterprise.


The ombudsman was received by László Varga, General Manager, and József Váradi, Chief Engineer for Forest Management and Nature Conservation. 

After the presentation of the activities of the State Forestry Enterprise, the Ombudsman visited the Farkasgyepű and Bakonybéli Forestry. During his stay, he visited the Experimental Forest of Farkasgyepű nature reserve and was informed about sustainable forest management and nature conservation issues - including forest education, the practice, and the future of semi-natural forest management, such as natural forest regeneration and evergreen forest management. The technical programme concluded with a summary of field experiences and a consultation.