null Gyulafirátót Children’s Home to be Renovated at the Initiative of Dr. Ákos Kozma

Ombudsman Dr. Ákos Kozma paid a visit to the Gyulafirátót Children’s Home of the Veszprém County Regional Child Protection Service of the National Child Protection Service on 16 November 2022, to which visit he was accompanied by National Commander of the Hungarian Prison Service, Prison Lieutenant General Dr. Tamás Tóth, as well as the management of VERGA Veszprémi Erdőgazdaság Zrt. 


At the institute, the guests were received by the director of the Regional Child Protection Service of Veszprém County Kocsi-Sződy Karolina Anna, who presented the operation of the home to them.
Just like last year, the Hungarian Prison Service Headquarters, as well as the state forestry 0companies such as VERGA Veszprémi Erdőgazdaság Zrt and Mecsekerdő Zrt took part in the renovation of two institutions, i.e.  that of the Veszprém-gyulafirátót Children’s Home and the Szentlőrinc Group Home of the Saint Agatha Child Protection Service, at the initiative of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights.