null “Thirty/30 – Anniversary volume in honour of the Convention on the Rights of the Child”

The work entitled “Thirty/30 – Anniversary volume of the ombudsman in honour of the Convention on the Rights of the Child”, published by the Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, pays tribute to the Convention on the Rights of the Child adopted by the United Nations in 1989, which had its 30-year anniversary last year. In the title of the volume, the second “thirty” refers to the fact that the main part of the text encompasses the presentation of a considerable number – altogether 30 – of the ombudsman’s reports which has been published in the recent period in the field of children’s rights. Each thematic chapter presents the summary of a report which relates to a certain article of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. These excerpts do not use the formal legal wording of the reports, but are aimed at being reader-friendly and comprehensible. The chapters present the essence of the reports, the steps taken, the results achieved, as well as the follow-up of the cases. At the same time, they indicate the possible points of connection, and the subsequent or follow-up investigations, thus encouraging the further study of and research into the cases. The volume on children’s rights invites everyone who is interested in the rights of children or the work of the ombudsman to read and think, irrespective of being a professional who works for or with children or a layperson interested in the topic.


The Hungarian version of the anniversary volume on children’s rights can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on this photo: