Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Sándor-Szalay, Ombudsman for the Rights of Nationalities in Hungary

The professional, administrative and coordination preparation of the tasks falling within the competence of the Deputy Commissioner and the continuous performance of the tasks are ensured by the Secretariat of the Deputy Commissioner for Nationalities. The Nationality Law Department, which is part of the Office, is primarily responsible for preparing the technical material relating to petitions and inquiries and for actively contributing to the Deputy Commissioner's information and awareness-raising activities.

The Single Secretariat currently employs one social worker and ten lawyers, many of whom have specialised qualifications (social policy, equal opportunities and minority protection, mental health, sociology, PhD in criminal justice and international law) and speak nationality languages.



  • Tamás Török dr., Head of Secretariat (mental health specialist, PhD student)
  • Gabriella Varjú dr., Senior Professional Advisor (mental health professional, social policy expert, mediator).
  • Balázs Kiss dr., Head of Department (PhD student)
  • György Benedek dr. - Senior Legal Officer (English legal interpreter and translator)
  • Katalin-Enikő Béres - Senior Nationality Officer (lawyer, expert of international law)
  • Edit Fogarassy Dr., Phd - Senior Legal Officer
  • Klára Iványi - Senior Nationality Officer (social worker, mediator)
  • Fanni Makkai dr. - Senior Legal Officer (expert of international human rights)
  • Mohay Ágoston dr., PhD - Senior Legal Officer (Associate University Professor, Head of Department)
  • Diána Móricz-Nagy dr. - Senior Legal Officer (expert of equal opportunities and minority protection) 
  • Beáta Sipos dr. - Senior Legal Officer
  • István Rózsás - driver


Internship programme

The Secretariat of the Deputy Ombudsman for Nationalities regularly hosts interns from universities in Hungary and abroad. Our trainees can gain a deeper insight into the specificities of fundamental rights protection and minority rights protection in Hungary by participating in the resolution of individual complaints and comprehensive investigations


Former interns:

  • Katalin-Enikő Béres (BBTE, Cluj-Napoca) (2021)
  • Kincső Kővári (PPKE BTK, Psychology) (2018)
  • Melinda Vajda (CEU) (2018)
  • Petra Bíborka Mánya (Sapientia EMTE, Cluj-Napoca) (2018)
  • Balázs Kiss (ELTE ÁJK) (2017)
  • Csanád Kandikó (PPKE JÁK) (2017)
  • Dorottya Breuer (PTE ÁJK) (2016)
  • Elemér Kincses (BBTE, Cluj-Napoca) (2016)