On-site inspection in Gyöngyöspata

On 31 May and 1 June 2021, the Minority Ombudsman conducted an on-site inspection in Gyöngyöspata, where she met personally with the heads and staff of the educational institutions operating in the settlement, the president of the Roma nationality self-government, the mayor of the settlement and the director of the Hatvan School District Centre
2021. június. 02.

Joint report in the case AJB-553/2021 on the breach of the duty of cooperation by the requested body

The late president of the Érsekvadkert Roma Nationality Self-Government and the president of the Nógrád County Regional Nationality Self-Government submitted a joint complaint to the Minority Ombudsman concerning the closing down of the main entrance to the cemetery in Érsekvadkert and the prohibition of access by car
2021. július. 27.

Joint report on the investigation of police measures taken against a person of Roma nationality in the framework of an increased control

From the point of view of fundamental rights, it is a significant guarantee that the increased control should be ordered within the legal framework, bearing in mind the purpose limitation and the restriction of space and time, stated Dr. Ákos Kozma Ombudsman and Dr. Elisbeth Sándor-Szalay Minority Ombudsman during a joint investigation
2021. július. 27.

General Comment 1/2021 on the specific and systemic shortcomings of the educational and child protection systems

The Minority Ombudsman issued her general comment on the basis of an investigation of a specific complaint, aiming to draw attention to the developmental difficulties, educational and integration problems of a Roma pupil with BMD difficulties, the serious conflicts between parents and teachers, and to highlight systemic problems
2021. július. 27.

General Comment 2/2021 on the current situation of the accessibility of nationality public service radio broadcasts

As a follow-up to the Minority Ombudsman’s General Comment 3/2018, and in view of the discontinuation of digital radio broadcasting in September 2020, she reviewed the current situation of the accessibility of public service nationality radio programmes
2021. július. 28.

General Comment 3/2021 on the use of individual names in nationality languages

In her general comment, the Minority Ombudsman describes the complex situation of the individual use of names in nationality languages, the registration of births and deaths in accordance with the rules of nationality languages and other related official procedures, in particular the issuing of official certificates
2021. július. 28.

Minority Ombudsman Elisabeth Sándor-Szalay participated at the high level conference: „Council of Europe norms and standards on national minority rights: Results and challenges”

Hungary will chair the Council of Europe's Committee of Ministers in Strasbourg from 21 May to 17 November 2021. The promotion of effective protection of national minorities is a priority in the Hungarian Presidency's draft programme, and a high-level conference on Council of Europe norms and standards on national minority rights: results and challenges was jointly organised by the Council of Europe and Hungary on 29 June, in which the Minority Ombudsman participated as a key expert.
2021. július. 13.

"Today's Work - Tomorrow's Success" Conference

The Minority Ombudsman also participated and gave a closing speech at the professional conference "Today's Work - Tomorrow's Success" organised by the National Roma Cultural and Media Centre on 6 July.
2021. július. 09.

Roundtable discussion on the protection of the constitutional values of minority rights

The Minority Ombudsman participated in the international conference "Nation, Community, Minority, Identity: the role of national constitutional courts in protecting the constitutional values of minority rights"
2021. július. 09.

2020 Report of the Ombudsman and the Minority Ombudsman

The Ombudsman's report at the session of the National Assembly on the activities of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights and his deputies in 2020
2021. május. 12.


The Minority Ombudsman's meeting with István Galambos, Director General for Programs of the MTVA, and Kolos Andrónyi, Head of the Editorial Office for Nationalities and Hungarians Abroad
2021. február. 18.

Professional consultation between the Deputy People's Advocate in Romania and the Minority Ombudsman of Hungary

One of the cornerstones of the work of the Minority Ombudsman is the exchange of experiences and the exploration and implementation of opportunities for joint work with partner organisations. In this spirit, Zsolt Molnár, Deputy People's Advocate (Avocatul Poporului) for Human Rights, Equal Opportunities, Religious Affairs and National Minorities and the Minority Ombudsman met in the online space on the afternoon of 10 March.
2021. március. 13.