Work plan for the protection of the rights of nationalities in the reorganised Office of the Ombudsman

Ernő Kállai, the Deputy Ombudsman responsible for the Protection of the Rights of Nationalities living in Hungary makes plans for the next year and a half and builds upon the experience of the past years. Extracts of the recently finalised plans:
2012. February. 08.

The challenges of the 21st century and modern methods for crowd control by the police – international practice and domestic reality

The Hungarian police are not yet prepared for the info-communications challenges of the 21st century – this has been revealed in an international project which focuses on elaborating new methods for dealing with demonstrations by the police. The staff of the Ombudsman have been actively participating in the GODIAC project for two years already, and they are making use of newly acquired information for studying demonstrations in Hungary.
2012. February. 06.

The sanctioning of dustbin scavenging is stigmatisation and a disproportionate restriction without any constitutional ground - the Ombudsman's comments on the Constitutional Court's decision On the Methods of Inquiry of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights

The Commissioner for Fundamental Rights has received the Constitutional Court's decision, in which it acceded to the motion of Máté Szabó and annulled with immediate effect a local government decree of Kaposvár which made dustbin scavenging a regulatory offence. The Commissioner expressed his hope that other organs affected by similar cases will not await a further negative ruling of the Constitutional Court.
2012. February. 03.

New tasks in a new organisation: Extracts from the work plan of the Deputy Commissioner for Future Generations On the Methods of Inquiry of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights

Besides finishing his inquiries started last year, Sándor Fülöp has drawn up the tasks partly for his own secretariat, and partly for the Office of the Ombudsman, which is already a unified office in accordance with the relevant Act of Parliament
2012. February. 03.

Hungary: New Organisation-New Methods of Investigation On the Methods of Inquiry of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights

The normative instructions on the professional rules and methods of the inquiries of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights have been drawn up. The restructuring of the organisation of the Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights has started in accordance with the provisions of the new Act. Independently of this internal reorganisation, the Office's system of receiving complaints functions without interruption.
2012. January. 12.

The Ombudsman turns to the Constitutional Court to protect the rights of the homeless people

According to the views of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Civil Rights, the new regulation (the Act on the shaping and protection of built environment, 2010) enables the use of boarder police actions on public places against homeless people - thus criminalizing the homeless people – cannot match the Hungarian constitutional and the European human rights norms.
2011. December. 08.


The European Social Charter is a Council of Europe's treaty ( guaranteeing basic social and economic rights which concern all individuals. The right to work and to a fair remuneration, the right to social security, the right to protection against poverty and social exclusion and the right to housing are regarded as particularly significant.
2011. September. 09.

Child Labour at the Motorway Construction – the Ombudsman on the Rights of Children and the Duties of the Authorities

There is no such rule according to which organs of child protection should be informed if the Labour Inspectorate finds an employee of childhood during an investigation. According to the Ombudsman such a lack of legal norms endangers the right of children to protection and care and their right to legal safety. Máté Szabó has made this statement after press news mentioned that employees of childhood age were found at the construction of the M7 motorway.
2011. April. 15.

| 29.03.2011 | The Parliament drafts and debates a new Constitution – changes in the ombudsman system?

According to the draft text, the future Hungarian constitution will contain new elements for the ombudsman institution which are both symbolic and substantive. As regards the work of the ombudsmen, a new system will be introduced.
2011. March. 29.

Human Rights Day 2010 on 10 December recognizes the work of human rights defenders worldwide who act to end discrimination.

Human Rights Day 2010 on 10 December recognizes the work of human rights defenders worldwide who act to end discrimination.
2010. December. 10.

The Hungarian Ombudsman calls again for the urgent introduction of an appropriate and professional homebirth regulation in Hungary

There is an urgent need to introduce both the professional minimum standards and the legal and ethical conditions of homebirth in Hungary - the Ombudsman repeated this statement three years ago. Considering the needs of the civil society and partial interests of the obstetrics he has also decided to evaluate the present situation from human rights point of view.
2010. November. 02.

A disabled detainee's transportation difficulties

Under the supervision of the guards, a detainee with wheel-chair was forced and pushed into a police van. The reason why this disabled person was not willing to enter the van proprio was the lack of seat-belt in the transporting vehicle. The Parliamentary Commissioner for Civil Rights has noticed the violation of fundamental rights and human dignity of disabled persons.
2010. October. 26.