NHRIs and CRPD: blogpost from the Hungarian NHRI

The Danish Institute for Human Rights established a blog for developing indicators to measure implementation of the rights of persons living with disabilities. Please find the contribution of the Hungarian NHRI, the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights to this initiation on the following link: https://nhrisanddisabilityrights.wordpress.com/2015/02/03/the-role-of-the-ombudsman-in-the-implementation-of-cprd-in-hungary/
2015. February. 04.

NHRI 'A' status to the Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights

On 29 December 2014, based on the results of the activities of the Office of Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, the Bureau of the International Coordination Committee of National Human Rights Institutions (ICC NHRI) granted "A" status accreditation to the Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights. More details can be read here.
2015. January. 16.

Working Visit by the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights to Békés County (19-20 May 2014)

Carrying on with the practices of his predecessors, Dr László Székely, Commissioner for Fundamental Right paid a working visit to Békés County. After meeting personally with complainants in Békéscsaba and Gyula, he held a press conference on his experiences and findings. The Commissioner was accompanied by Deputy Commissioner Dr Elisabeth Sándor Szalay, Ombudsman for the Rights of National Minorities, and Deputy Commissioner Dr Marcel Szabó, Ombudsman for Future Generations.
2014. May. 27.

The Ombudsman has Nominated Dr. Elisabeth Sándor-Szalay as his Deputy in Charge of the Protection of the Nationalities Living in Hungary

Commissioner for Fundamental Rights Dr. László Székely has nominated Dr. Elisabeth Sándor-Szalay, habilitated associate professor, former dean of the University of Pécs, director at the National University of Public Service, as his deputy in charge of the protection of the nationalities living in Hungary.
2013. October. 16.

The new Annual Report of the Ombudsman is published

The Report on the Activities of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights and His Deputies in the Year 2012" is officially presented to the public on the 4th June, 2013.
2013. June. 04.

Article by the "Green Ombudsman" published on the new webpage of the Future Justice Commission

The new website of the Future Justice Commission of the World Future Council has recently been re-launched, aiming to provide up to date information on the latest decisions related to, and development of environmental issues. The website will be used as a learning tool, an information platform and a site for inspiration for many people – ranging from civil society stakeholders to decision-makers.
2013. May. 14.