"Ombudsman’s Corner" in Városliget at International Children’s Day Weekend

May 25, 2019 8:00 AM
May 25, 2019 2:00 PM

“Ombudsman’s Corner” in Városliget over International Children’s Day Weekend


For the twenty-ninth occasion already, a Children’s Day Weekend was organized by the International Children’s Safety Service and the Municipality of Budapest. According to the information of the International Children's Safety Service, approximately half a million visitors attended the events in the Budapest City Park (Városliget) on 25–26 May. High attendance was partly due to the pleasant weather and partly to the fact that the organizers welcomed those interested at 45 stands offering exciting and important programmes free of charge – including the Ombudsman’s Corner, hosted by the Safe Internet Tent of the International Children’s Safety Service. Children received information and advice on the safe use of the Internet, and they could also meet the staff of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights.


The stand attracted about ten thousand visitors during the two-day event, and the rights awareness raising and developing activities of the Ombudsman also generated great interest. In accordance with Act CXI of 2011 on the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights devotes particular attention – in addition to his/her other tasks – to the protection of children’s rights while also performing awareness-raising and dissemination activities. Accordingly, the staff members of the Commissioner brought playful and fun activities to the event in the City Park, which accommodated young visitors’ special needs and interests. Small children could prepare wooden spoon puppets, and colour sheets with messages focusing on fundamental rights. Older children, on the other hand, were invited to solve quizzes and test their knowledge about child rights, safe Internet use, conscious media use, environmental protection and the rights of national minorities. They could also talk to the host lawyers of the Ombudsman’s Office about all the information that could be learnt while playing. Just like in the previous years, those who solved all the tasks could participate in a lottery and win gift bags donated by sponsoring organizations and companies.



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