Invitation: “Children in International Development" - moving exhibition

Feb 3, 2014
Feb 3, 2014



The Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights and the Hungarian Committee for UNICEF have been working together since February 2014 in the framework of a strategic cooperation to ensure the enforcement of children’s rights in Hungary. 

These two organisations have the pleasure to invite you to attend the moving exhibition entitled

“Children in International Development the Millennium Development Goals through the Eyes of a Child”

launched at the beginning of December 2013 by DemNet Foundation in collaboration with the Hungarian Committee for UNICEF Foundation and the Visual World Foundation.


Venue: Korczak Hall, Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights

(HU-1051 Budapest, 22 Nádor street)


Open from 3 to 26 February 2014 through on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.



The Eight Millennium Development Goals:

In 2000, 189 UN member states committed to help achieve the following goals by 2015:

1.               To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

2.               To achieve universal primary education

3.               To promote gender equality and empowering women.

4.               To reduce child mortality rate

5.               To improve maternal health

6.               To combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases

7.               To ensure environmental sustainability

8.               To develop a global partnership for development.

The joint work with students and the creative process lasting for three months started in September 2013, discussing these goals. Forming creative communities, 11-18 year old students interpreted and reviewed the eight goals, and gave a visual expression to their feelings and the suggested solutions as regards two of the issues.  These works are based on sixteen photos provided by UNICEF.

The approximately 230 students involved in the project expanded their knowledge about the world for about three months. In this process, they discovered new tools for self-expression, experienced the joy of thinking together, productive debate and creation. In parallel with realizing/recognizing their own responsibility, they also sought solutions to the biggest challenges affecting our world. Five Hungarian schools and three international schools operating in Hungary participated in the project.


Participating Schools:

1.               American International School of Budapest – Nagykovácsi

2.               Duráczky József Primary School and Uniform Special Education Methodological Institute - Kaposvár

3.               Egressy Béni Primary and Primary Art School - Mezőcsát

4.               Primary School and Uniform Methodological Institute for the Visually Impaired - Budapest

5.               Lauder Javne Jewish Community School - Budapest

6.               Hungarian–Chinese Bilingual Primary School - Budapest

7.               Secondary Art School of Szombathely

8.               Primary and Secondary School operating beside the Hungarian Embassy of the Russian Federation - Budapest

Visual World Foundation has been working since 2004 on establishing connections with creative media education projects and film-making,  on inducing value-creating co-operation between people who often do not communicate (well) with or do not know or support each other due to their different cultural or social background.

The more than 230 participating students from Mezőcsát to Szombathely could expand their knowledge with the help of their 20 teachers throughout two months. They found new tools for self-expression,  experienced the joy of thinking together and creation, while becoming aware of their own possibilities and responsibility in finding solutions to the biggest problems affecting our Earth.



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