"JOG-OK" Working Group to help children increase their legal knowledge

Oct 21, 2015 10:00 AM
Oct 21, 2015 12:00 PM

"JOG-OK" Working Group to help children to increase their legal knowledge and awareness, to enforce their rights

The inaugural meeting of JOG-OK[1] Working Group, established upon the initiative of László Székely, Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, wash held in the Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights with the participation of state institutions and civil/professional stakeholders active in the field of the protection of rights at large. The objective of this unprecedented cooperation is to help children and young people, through dialog, exchange of information and practices between institutions with various profiles and powers, to increase their legal knowledge and awareness and, as a result, to enforce their rights.

In May 2015, during a professional workshop on the legal awareness of children and young people, the Ombudsman voiced his intention to suggest to the heads of institutions working in the field of the protection of fundamental rights to appoint liaison officers in order to facilitate programs for children and young people, to enhance their legal knowledge and awareness, and to promote cooperation. He also said that he would propose to set up, with the participation of these liaison officers, the JOG-OK Working Group that would ensure continuous communication and provide the participants with a forum where they could share their experiences with one another at least once a year.

According to the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, citizens with human rights awareness, paying attention to the rights of others represent a tremendous value. Joined-up thinking may lead to methods and solutions that may appeal to children and young people, develop their legal awareness and educate them on the ways and means of enforcing their rights. In the Ombudsman's view, this involves clear strategy and lasting cooperation, which requires the establishment of a supporting forum.

László Székely requested the heads of the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, the National Center for Patients' Rights and Documentation, the Equal Treatment Authority, the Children's Rights Roundtable of the National Media and Telecommunications Authority, the National Office for the Judiciary, the Office of the Prosecutor General, the Constitutional Court, the Office of the Commissioner for Educational Rights and the Minister of State for Family and Youth Affairs of the Ministry of Human Capacities to participate in the JOG-OK Working Group. In order to facilitate international cooperation, Commissioner for Fundamental Rights László Székely invited the European Youth Center Budapest of the Council of Europe and the International Children's Safety Service's Hungarian Association; on behalf of the Civil Coalition for the Rights of the Child and the civil organizations participating therein, he also requested the UNICEF National Committee Hungary Foundation to join.

All the state institutions and civil organizations involved agreed with the objectives of the Working Group and on the importance of this initiative; all of them participated in the inaugural meeting, each reporting on the legal awareness-raising activities they conduct in their own respective fields of competence.  The activities of the JOG-OK Working Group are coordinated by the Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights.


[1] In Hungarian “jog” means „right” and „ok” means „cause, reason, motive”; „jogok” means „rights”

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