null Ombudsman Visits Middle-Transdanubian National Prison

Dr. Ákos Kozma was received by National Commander of the Hungarian Prison Service, Major General Dr Tamás Tóth, Brigadier General, Prison Commander Dr Pál Kiszely and Colonel, Executive Director Lóránt Laczkó at the Baracska-Annamajor Headquarters of the Middle-Transdanubian National Prison on 14 January 2021.

The Commissioner for Fundamental Rights inspected the Baracska-based penitentiary institution with a capacity of 927, which was expanded by 330 new places as part of the 2750-bed capacity increase project of the Hungarian Prison Service last year. As part of his programme, the Ombudsman also visited Annamajori Mezőgazdasági és Kereskedelmi Kft, which, among others, employs many of the detainees placed at Baracska in agricultural jobs. During the visit by the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, the presentation of the preventive measures taken in relation to the coronavirus pandemic was given high priority.