null Ombudsman Paid a Visit to Police Departments in Tamási and Fonyód

On 25 September 2020, Ombudsman Dr. Ákos Kozma and his staff members conducted an on-site inspection at the Police Departments in Tamási and Fonyód in the framework of the OPCAT National Preventive Mechanism (NPM). 

During the OPCAT NPM visit, they inspected the custody unit of the police departments, their physical condition, and their compliance with the legal requirements. At the Tamási Police Department, Police Colonel Dr. István Kuti, municipal chief constable showed the delegation around in the custody unit and the police facility, and presented the operation of the police department. At the Fonyód Police Department, the Ombudsman was shown around and informed by Police Lieutenant-Colonel Dr. Ákos Pasztusics, municipal chief constable. During his visit, Dr. Ákos Kozma inquired about the preventive measures introduced in relation to the coronavirus pandemic for the protection of the health of the officers on duty and the entire staff.