null Message of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights on World Health Day

In the extraordinary emergency situation caused by the current pandemic, we express our gratitude to those tirelessly working in healthcare day after day. Those professionals, however, whose perseverance is now being widely reported in the news, do their best not only in the current circumstances – in fact, they hold the fort all the time. Thus, it is important for us to learn to appreciate health each day of our life, and also, to value the resolve, patience and care demonstrated by those working in healthcare, Commissioner for Fundamental Rights Dr. Ákos Kozma underlined on the occasion of World Health Day.

What we officially commemorate today, on World Health Day, is the fact that the World Health Organization (WHO) – a specialized agency of the UN – began its operation on this day, i.e. on 7 April 1948. Today, however, this organization is in the centre of our attention primarily because of the coronavirus pandemic. The goal of WHO is to manage and coordinate international healthcare efforts. On the occasion of World Health Day, in this extraordinary situation, we also have an opportunity to focus on certain diseases on a universal level, the prevention and cure of which can be made much easier by providing comprehensive and detailed information.

The representatives of those professions which provide healthcare services are recognized all over the world and are considered to be among the most important professionals: they are the heart and soul of the healthcare system.

During the nearly twenty-five-year history of their activities, the Hungarian ombudsmen have always inspected the Hungarian healthcare system. Of the thousands of complaints received annually, every twentieth concerns a healthcare issue.

Besides inspecting the traditional system of outpatient and inpatient care, the Ombudsman has looked into the feasibility of undisturbed birth, the complex situation of paediatric healthcare, as well as the access of persons with disabilities to healthcare services. The reports have specifically analysed the problems of providing psychiatric care, and in relation to this, the questions of modern medicine, as well as the difficulties of healthcare organizations helping the homeless.

Science cannot stop developing: those patients who are better informed heal faster, and international efforts allow for increasingly modern and gradually developing therapies. A health-conscious lifestyle is an important stride forward; the functioning of the healthcare system means safety in our everyday lives. This is why we do not only celebrate health today but also, all the actors of the healthcare system. Each healthcare worker deserves our respect, appreciation and gratitude.