null Dr Ákos Kozma Meets with Czech and Slovak Ombudspersons

Ombudsman Dr Akos Kozma conducted preparatory talks with the heads of the partner ombudsman institutions for the meeting of the ombudsmen of the Visegrád Group (V4) countries to be held in Visegrád, Hungary this year, organised by the Office of the Hungarian Commissioner for Fundamental Rights. Such talks included a meeting with Slovak Ombudsperson Mrs Mária Patakyová in Bratislava on 7 September 2021 and with Czech Ombudsman Mr Stanislav Křeček in Brno on 9 September 2021.

At the meeting with the Czech Ombudsman, the parties reviewed the main topics to be discussed at the ombudsman meeting to be held in Visegrád in October, as well as the challenges posed by the recent period and the related practices of the ombudsman institutions. 

The Ombudsmen of the Visegrád countries have held these meetings annually since 2004, in order to share their experience, as well as their achievements and challenges with each other, and to present the practices of the recent period. The summit of the Ombudsmen of the V4 countries will be organised by Hungary in October 2021.