null Coordination meeting of the Ombudsman for Future Generations and the professional water management organizations on the protection of underground waters

The Ombudsman for Future Generations has already expressed his concerns, in agreement with the professional water management organizations, concerning the Government’s having submitted a bill, without any preliminary social or professional coordination, which would allow the establishment of household wells of a maximum depth of even 80 meters without the obligation to obtain any prior permits or make any such announcements. This directly jeopardizes the sustainable management of underground waters and the safety of water supply, and may also prevent efficient state protection.

On September 12, 2017, the Ombudsman for Future Generations organized a professional coordination meeting for those professional water management organizations which contributed to the compilation of the policy statement on the protection of underground waters by adding their comments. The participants of the meeting included President of the Foundation for Underground Waters Mr. László Lénárt, who was also delegated by the Hungarian Hydrological Society (MHT), just like Gyula Reich, who is on the Board of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers, furthermore, President of the Association of Hungarian Well Drillers Attila Rózsa, as well as their Secretary Gábor  Szongoth, and President Ágnes Tahy and Honorary Professor Dr. Ferenc Székely on behalf of the Hungarian Department of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH MNT). The representatives of the organizations confirmed that they did not agree with the idea of allowing the building of wells of a depth of even 80 meters without a permission and announcement.

The participants of the meeting think that the regulation related to the building of the wells requires modification, however, only such solutions which guarantee the qualitative and quantitative protection and preservation of underground waters for the future generations will be acceptable.