null Ombudsman Collects Information at Fehérgyarmat

On 11 March 2022, Commissioner for Fundamental Rights Dr. Ákos Kozma paid a visit to the reception point at Fehérgyarmat, accompanied by Police Colonel Zsolt Harhai, Director of the North Great Plain Regional Directorate of the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing.

The Ombudsman collected information about the current situation, the circumstances of the reception of refugees arriving in Hungary fleeing the war in Ukraine, the measures taken to provide assistance to them more effectively and their implementation, as well as about the experience gathered so far by the staff on duty there, including the experience gained by the health task force.

During the visit at the Fehérgyarmat reception point, Dr. Ákos Kozma also handed over the donations – including diapers, toiletries and non-perishable food – that were offered by the staff of the Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights to help refugees arriving from Ukraine.