null Statement of Commissioner for Fundamental Rights on Importance of Collective Support for Constitutional Core Values

As parliamentary elections are drawing closer in Hungary, certain increasingly sharp statements that threaten democracy and constitutional order in Hungary have compelled the leaders of fundamental institutions safeguarding the operation and protection of the rule of law to take a firm stand on these matters.

“Our Fundamental Law shall be the basis of our legal order; it shall be an alliance among Hungarians of the past, present and future.” With this quote from the National Avowal of the Fundamental Law of Hungary, as head of the Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, I consider it as my duty to caution everyone that respecting the rule of law and defending our constitutional values achieved during the political changeover and in the subsequent years is a common obligation and responsibility for each and every member of the Hungarian society.

All insinuations and efforts aimed at the unlawful removal of certain public officials and seeking to change the Fundamental Law of Hungary in ways contrary to the rules applicable to all citizens threaten the very foundations of the rule of law that we have constructed together.

The rule of law is one of our hard-won fundamental assets, which is a pre-requisite to the protection of fundamental rights and democracy. Respecting the rule of law is quintessential for the functioning of our country and for ensuring the welfare of the people living here.

A democratic state governed by the rule of law is based on the pluralism of principles and values and their free discussion. However, there are certain requirements of the rule of law that must be accepted by the whole of society not only because they need to be fixed as legal premises, but also because they constitute the cornerstones of the democratic functioning of the society.

As Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, it is my conviction that the rule of law is not only the legal framework of the state but it is also genuine content and value. Full compliance with the rule of law is in the interest of the entire society, thus there should be a consensus as broad as possible about adhering to its core values and upholding them consciously.

Taking a stand in favour of the collectively won constitutional order and core values by the whole society shall serve social peace and welfare at all times.