null Ombudsman Monitors Activity of School Guards in Zala and Vas Counties

On 30 May 2022, Ombudsman Dr. Ákos Kozma held a technical briefing at the Zala County Police Headquarters in Zalaegerszeg, and announced the launch of a comprehensive monitoring effort related to the activities of school guards on duty in the counties of Zala and Vas, from the perspective of the enforcement of fundamental rights.

The consultation was attended by Chief Police Counsellor, Police Brigadier General Dr. Csaba Iván Vereckei, Chief of Zala County Police, as well as by the senior staff of the Zala and Vas County Police Headquarters.

During the professional consultation, the Ombudsman and Dr. Domonkos Wildner, Director of Police Complaints of the OCFR, were informed about the work of school guards on duty in the county, their training and working conditions.