null Bilateral Meeting with Uzbek Ombudsperson

On 3 September 2021, in Novi Sad, Serbia, Commissioner for Fundamental Rights Dr Ákos Kozma conducted bilateral meetings with the heads of several partner ombudsman institutions, including High Commissioner for Human Rights of Uzbekistan Mrs Eshmatova Feruza Farxodovna and her Secretary General.

During the bilateral meeting, the parties gave briefly presented their respective institutions, they shared with each other the responses given to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 epidemic and the related practices. During the coordination talks, the question of developing the relations between the two countries was discussed as well: the ombudspersons emphasised that they found it important to share with each other the knowledge accumulated and the best practices used by the two institutions, with a view to future cooperation.

Mrs Eshmatova Feruza Farxodovna mentioned that she was appointed High Commissioner for Human Rights of the Parliament of the Republic of Uzbekistan in February 2021. She informed the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights that the Uzbek ombudsman institution also operates as a National Preventive Mechanism, and she added that in her country, there are special commissioners for children’s rights, as well as the rights of entrepreneurs. The Uzbek Ombudsperson also visited a number of institutions in her country during the pandemic. 

The Uzbek High Commissioner asked the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights to share the experience of the Hungarian office in the field of the protection of the rights of persons with disabilities, and she urged the signing of a memorandum of understanding in the near future as well.