Ms Emily O’Reilly, the European Ombudsman’s interview with the Hungarian News Agency (MTI)

Ms Emily O'Reilly, the European Ombudsman's interview with the Hungarian News Agency (MTI)


The EU and its member states obviously were not prepared for the current migration crisis, moreover to the large number of immigrants whom could threaten the protection of fundamental human rights. "While tackling the challenges of this migration crisis, we should not forget the protection of fundamental rights, which is the duty of every ombudsman." Sharing the burden of the poorer countries requires closer cooperation. Ms O'Reilly mentioned the significant matter of examining the case of FRONTEX, as well as, in what extent the protection of fundamental rights is implemented during the process of repatriation. 14 EU member states participated in this study.

Ms O'Reilly also introduced the role, the responsibilities and work of the European Ombudsman in the interest of transparency. Furthermore, she talked about the way how to turn to the EU Ombudsman, the nature of received complaints and the fact that she received 49 submissions from Hungary last year, in five of which cases she has started examination.

She also spoke about the examination of balanced interests in expert groups and in the lobbying activities, as well as their impacts on EU funding.

Ms O'Reilly talked about her close cooperation with the European ombudsmen. Her office organises annual seminars, where the participants exchange views and share good practices. She also discussed the ways of closer cooperation with the Hungarian ombudsman.