null Message of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights on the Occasion of the Day of the Hungarian Prison Service

The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has now reached Hungary as well. It is important that in these extraordinary times, we also dedicate a thought to those professionals who work for our safety with strenuous efforts and endurance under these changed circumstances, and continue to work with the same professional commitment as always – Ombudsman Dr. Ákos Kozma pointed out on the occasion of the Day of the Hungarian Prison Service.

Today is the 8th of September, or the day of St. Adrian, the patron saint of prison guards. In Hungary, this day has been the Day of the Prison Service since 1996.

Working in the prison service comes with a great deal of responsibility. The employees of the prison service, who are responsible for the detention, transportation, employment, nutrition and health of prisoners, spare neither time, nor effort as they work for our safety on each day of the year. On this special occasion, Commissioner for Fundamental Rights Dr. Ákos Kozma greeted Major General, Director General of the Hungarian Prison Service Dr. Tamás Tóth in writing, and also expressed his esteem and gratitude to all the members of the Hungarian Prison Service for their professional commitment and perseverance. The Commissioner also thanked them for their extraordinary efforts and high-level work all year round, but especially during the coronavirus pandemic, which they perform in order to watch over public security in Hungary.