To live a life of self-determination – MEOSZ study presented at the Office

Sep 21, 2017 2:00 PM
Sep 21, 2017 5:00 PM

To live a life of self-determination – launching a study published by the National Federation of Disabled Persons' Associations (MEOSZ) at the Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights

Ten years after the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, we already have countless laws but the state and the society still have a long way to go in ensuring that the provisions set out in these laws are executed for the best interests of those concerned, said MEOSZ President Ágnes Kovács when launching a study at the Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights. Both in the study and at the event, this was the first ever time that the persons with reduced mobility have summarized their everyday experience in the fields of education, health care, labor, housing and transport in such a way, starting out from which they voiced their criticism of the system that surrounds them, as well as their proposed solutions.  As it became clear from several comments, the publication of the study published by MEOSZ’s Work Group for a Self-Determined Life marks only the beginning of fact-finding work and initiatives.

On behalf of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, Head of AJBH’s Department for Equal Opportunities and Children’s Rights Beáta Borza defined the requirement of self-determination as one that is in the center of human dignity, which everyone is entitled to. This right means that we can determine our affairs, our intentions and feelings, as well as our bodies in every respect, that we have and may use the freedom of choice. This is also important because the Ombudsman, who is responsible for safeguarding fundamental rights, and the advocacy center and professional federation of an extraordinarily high standard, i.e. MEOSZ should act with their own tools and complementing each other’s efforts in order to improve the situation of persons with disabilities. This is what the recently published study, which can be considered a social diagnosis, as well as the event that was organized for launching it, are also meant to contribute to.

Ministerial Commissioner in charge of the social integration of persons with disabilities Pál Szekeres, who represented the state which was addressed by this study, called the problems listed in the study legitimate, in agreement with the need for a changed approach by society. He promised cooperation and common thinking, and he said that the obsolete laws would shortly be reviewed.

You can find the Hungarian version of the study entitled To live a life of self-determination, or critical remarks on the possibilities of living an independent life if you are a person with disabilities published by MEOSZ here.


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