Evenings at the Ombudsman’s

Feb 13, 2014 6:00 PM
Feb 13, 2014 9:00 PM


Evenings at the Ombudsman’s


In addition to performing his statutory duties, the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights attaches great importance to the multi‑faceted presentation of the public defender work of the ombudsman and his role in human rights sensitization, raising awareness of, drawing attention to and shaping attitudes towards human rights. As a new initiative to this end, a lecture series entitled “Evenings at the Ombudsman’s” has been launched.

In the Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights (HU-1052, 22 Nádor street), the Commissioner’s colleagues speak about the particularities of their fields, their theoretical and practical work. The “Evenings at the Ombudsman’s” lecture series will take place once a month. The objective is to present the most possible aspects of the public defender work of the ombudsman in a complex manner.

The first presentation entitled “What is Democracy?” by Mr Lóránt Csink (Associate Professor, Head of Unit) is taking place on 13 February at 6. p. m.

What is democracy?

Democracy and the rule of law belong to the concepts of the language of the law that are considered to be understood by everyone. Moreover, everyone is convinced that they know what these concepts mean. They have become household words. Almost everyone has an idea about what is and what is not democratic, what is in accordance with the rule of law and what is dictatorial. Most people identify the concept of democracy with their own inner sense of justice. They expect the law to enforce justice.   

Yet, in many cases, it occurs that, in the world of law, it is not the sense of justice, the ideas perceived democratic that prevail. In these cases, we are inclined to put the blame on the legal system or the lawyers. Could our sense of justice mislead us? Or maybe democracy is not what we think of it? Or the legal system is at fault?

The presentation aims at analysing these questions, setting off from the history and definition of democracy, searching the answers as to what law is and is not for….

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