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Statement of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights on the Organisation of School-Leaving Exams in 2020

The Commissioner for Fundamental Rights has turned to the Minister of State for Public Education in connection with the school-leaving exams in 2020, and put forth proposals regarding, among others, their safe organisation.

In its decree issued on 16 April 2020, the government decided to hold the school-leaving exams of 2020 in the ordinary exam period lasting from May to June during the current state of danger.

The Ombudsman recommended for consideration that the rule of distance-keeping be respected during the entire examination process, and the number of examinees sitting in the same room be less than ten if possible.  Moreover, he urged for the issuing of a ministerial decree containing the detailed rules or methodological recommendations of the process as soon as possible. The Commissioner for Fundamental Rights also insisted on ensuring those physical conditions that can mitigate risks for both the examinees and the teachers taking part in the examination process and which can provide appropriate protection for them. Furthermore, he called attention to the fact that examinees having subscribed to advanced-level exams must be notified in due time about the exact name and contact data of the institution designated to hold the exam. Finally, in line with the relevant communication of the Ministry concerned, the Ombudsman also proposed for consideration the elaboration of an alternative plan with a solution for the potential postponement of the school-leaving exams.