The Message of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights on the Occasion of World Autism Awareness Day

In these unprecedented times, we must not forget about those people who live with autism and those families who raise children with autism. In fact, in this extraordinary situation, they are the ones who can teach us a lesson about determination, patience and care, and who can show us how to adopt new perspectives. What terrifies us the most is what we do not know enough about, this is why it is important to become acquainted with the unique perspective of people living with autism – Commissioner for Fundamental Rights Dr. Ákos Kozma has pointed out on the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day today.

Message of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights on World Health Day

In the extraordinary emergency situation caused by the current pandemic, we express our gratitude to those tirelessly working in healthcare day after day. Those professionals, however, whose perseverance is now being widely reported in the news, do their best not only in the current circumstances – in fact, they hold the fort all the time. Thus, it is important for us to learn to appreciate health each day of our life, and also, to value the resolve, patience and care demonstrated by those working in healthcare, Commissioner for Fundamental Rights Dr. Ákos Kozma underlined on the occasion of World Health Day.

Press Release of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights on Cervical Screening to Be Performed by Health Visitors

Several petitions had been submitted earlier to the Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights in relation to the imposition of cervical screening as an obligatory task to be performed by health visitors. With a view to the comprehensive and complex examination of the problems related to care provided by health visitors, the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights conducted an inquiry, which concluded that the delegation of the task of public health cervical screening in itself does not give reason for concern from the perspective of fundamental rights. Nevertheless, he formulated certain recommendations to ensure that the service complies with fundamental rights in all respects.

Commissioner for Fundamental Rights Opens Systemic Inquiry in Relation to Family Tragedy in Győr Claiming the Life of Small Children

Commissioner for Fundamental Rights has opened an extraordinary ex officio inquiry in order to find out whether the child protection authorities had made a mistake or an omission in connection with the family tragedy that claimed the life of small children a couple of days ago in Győr. After collecting and reviewing all the information available, the Ombudsman will communicate the results of the independent inquiry in a report.

The message of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights on Human Rights Day

As the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights stated, on 10 December 2019, we celebrate Human Rights Day and the thoughts based on respect for human dignity and dialogue. While nowadays there are many important debates over the substance of human rights, this turmoil of ideas should not make us forget about our common values, the role of good examples and the communities’ engagement. For legal protection starts with taking responsibility based on the awareness of our rights.

Statement of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights on the maternity wards undergoing refurbishment

Within the framework of the Family-Friendly Obstetrics Application Programme, as of 2018, hospitals have become able to apply for subsidies intended to be used for developing family-friendly obstetrics or neonatal intensive care units. As a result, several investments have begun. The Commissioner for Fundamental Rights calls upon the heads of healthcare institutions to pay particular attention to ensure patients’ rights during the reconstruction works.

Ákos Kozma: I would like to be the ombudsman of the people

Budapest, Thursday 26 September 2019 (MTI) Commissioner for Fundamental Rights Ákos Kozma – who took office this Thursday – would like to work particularly on solving the problems of people turning to the Ombudsman and protecting the rights of children and vulnerable groups. In his interview given to the Hungarian News Agency he also emphasized that he wishes to preserve the independent and non-political nature of the ombudsman institution.

The Commissioner for Fundamental Rights on preventing wrongful removal

Incomplete and ambiguous domestic regulations and the authorities’ practices based thereon do not properly ensure the prevention of international child abductions. It infringes upon the rights of the parents concerned and their children, concluded László Székely. In the report on his comprehensive investigation, the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights calls for the revision of the relevant regulations, the education of experts, providing more information to parents moving abroad, and the wider use of mediation.

Preparation of Government Decision about Joining the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on a Communications Procedure Begins at Ombudsman’s Initiative

Currently, Hungary is not yet party to the Optional Protocol to the 30-year-old Convention on the Rights of the Child on a Communications Procedure. It is thus a significant development that upon Commissioner for Fundamental Rights László Székely’s appeal, the Minister of State for Family and Youth Affairs at the Ministry of Human Capacities has indicated: they have begun to prepare the decision necessary for Hungary’s joining the optional protocol.

Equal and More Equal? The Commissioner for Fundamental Rights’ View on the Effect of a Local Government Decree

The local government ordered a ban on changes on recently purchased, undeveloped land. However, the same ban does not apply to the adjacent plot in local government ownership. During his inquiry regarding the petition on the matter, the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights established that a ban imposed in such a manner runs counter to the requirement of equal rights stipulated by the Fundamental Law of Hungary. Therefore László Székely has appealed to the local government concerned as well as to the county-level government commissioner.